Blade Chromo

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Aug 262015

Horizon Hobby UK kindly sent me their latest Blade Mutlirotor to test, namely the Blade Chromo.

It comes in 4 versions,

1. Bind & Fly to any Spektrum DSMx Transmitter, go pro ready mount

2. Bind & Fly to any Spektrum DSMx Transmitter, with Cgo2 1080p Camera/gimbal installed

3. Ready to Fly with Yuneec ST10 colour display/touch screen Tx, with Cgo2 1080p Camera/gimbal installed

4. Ready to Fly with Yuneec ST10 colour display/touch screen Tx, with Cgo3 4K Camera/gimbal installed (soon to be released)

I have the RtF Cgo2 version to test. 

Delamont Country Park Display Aug 2015

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Aug 262015

My clubs third and final display at delamont this year took place in the middle of August. The usual venue of the “big stone” in this huge site was the chosen location and for once we had blue skies and a stiff but very manageable breeze.

A good turn out of pilots and helpers made up the display team and as normal a wide variety of aircraft flew.

Notable flights included David Nolan with is Trex 700 Nitro & Electric, the toffee drops, the fast slot with Rarebear, Wasp, Magnum and my large Extra 300 display.

Some pics below, I should say you will see some pics of the new Blade Chroma kindly supplied by Horizon Hobby UK for me to test & review, this was flown in the restricted display zone after the public display, not at any stage during it, just to demostrate it to my club mates.


North Down Flyin Aug 2015

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Aug 262015

Northdown Model Aircraft Club held their annual Flyin at the end of August. A good day was had by all, great flying, lots of different aircraft and pilots and decent weather! Here are some pics.

Hilight of the day for me certainly was the demo I did with my good friend David Nolan. I was flying my Hangar 9 Extra 300 and David was flying his Trex 700. It went really well, kept it nice and tight together and it looked superb!


Eflite Pulse 15e

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Jul 232015

Eflite have come out with a Z foam version of their iconic Pulse design. Taking the superb sports model platform adding AS3X in the form of the AR636 and combining it in a lightweight yet rigid z foam airframe can only lead to success!

The build was as per normal straight forward to say the least, a low component count, quick build techniques and a level of pre-assembly that is staggering at this price point, have this airframe together in a matter of minutes.

The Test Flight.

With the build complete the test flight was next on the agenda. Using the recommended 3s3200 the airframe balancing perfectly. With a quick range check completed it was ready for the air. A short takeoff run had the pulse airborne with no trimming requirement. I was quickly encouraged to push the pulse through some aerobatics and you instantly flew confident with such a gentle flying aeroplane! 

With no vices basic acrobatics are very straight forward. The pulse would make a perfect 2 or 3 model! On the next flight I mechanically adjusted for more throw and that’s adds that bit more response without compromise for the more experienced pilot!

Thanks to Horizon again for another great product go test!


Eflite Rarebear

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Jul 172015

Eflite have introduced to the market the Rare Bear scale racer. Based on the popular full scale pylon racer the Eflite version comes officially licensed in the 2014 WC scheme, it incorporates Carbon Z & AS3x technology to make a very light and strong air frame, with the stability that only a gyro Can give.

The need for the gyro isn’t vital but at speeds in excess of 100mph it just adds that peace of mind that your equipment is working for you not against!

The build was very straight forward, 30mins and I was ready for a test flight! One thing I noticed was the quality of the finish, the paint applied to these foam aircraft has improved so much in the last few years, almost perfect!


I elected to use Eflite 4s 3200 30c packs I had in my battery collection, they have seen a lot of usage in habu’s etc but will do until I get some newer fresher ones! The recommended pack is a 4s 3300mah 50c

Ready to fly!   

The little whipit was used to Warm my arm up for the launch! Lol!

Test Flight

The test flight took place at a field near our house just before dark, with a good strong launch the RareBear raced away and felt instantly locked in. Speed soon built up even on my old pack, the turn felt really nice and the plane looked really scale like in the air! On a low fast past the top speed felt and looked fast, slowly things down and the rear bear feels equally as smooth and responsive, you do need to keep the speed up a little on the final turn on approach,  but it’s not too bad and you have to remember it’s a racer!

All in all I’m very impressed and have flown several packs through it now, each time I enjoy it more and more!

Please excuse the phone quality pics, thanks to my wife Lisa for taking them, it’s next to impossible to snap a 100mph racer on an iPhone but she managed it!!



Quick clip from test flight!

Thanks to Horzion for the review, I will get some new Optipower Lipos and it should really sing!


IMAC UK Causeway Coast Jun 2015

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Jun 262015

The 2nd iMac comp of the year in NI was held at causeway coast flying club on Sun 7th June, this was also a iMac UK round.

The strong winds from the previous week continued so I can only assume the accounted for the low entry. The 3 intermediate pilots battled well and it was very close.

1. Steven Tait

2. Sean Scullion

3. Harry Reid
Thanks to the host club for a great lunch, the judges Paul & David and anyone who supported the event.

Some pics


Banbridge Aeromodelling Club 40th Anniversary Flyin

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Jun 262015

My local club celebrated their 40th anniversary with a fly-in / BBQ. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t in our favour but a number of more “brave” (read stupid) pilots flew in the 40mph gusts!!

We also had a group shot of our anniversary model, the E2k wasp, a few also flew on the day!

Some pics,


Eflite Slick 3D

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May 132015

Ive had this project for a while and just never got a chance to start it. I took an evening and set to work on it, 4hours later I was ready for the air!

Below are some pics of the build. My overall impression of the kit is as usual Eflite quality improves kit by kit, so many simple touches that make a build so straight forward.

   Typically colourful box!

  Well packaged & protected whilst shipping.

  All new equipment for this one, stuck with recommended power plant, the Park 480 (1020kv) & 40amp Pro Lite ESC. Also the new spectrum A3030 servos.

 The box Emptied, as you’ll see each part is bagged.

  First job is to fit SFG. The holes pre-drilled, they just needed the self tapping screw to thread the insert in wing tip, some cyano to harden the thread up and fit the SFG’s.

  Control horn is a phenolic material, 15min epoxy was using to attached them to the pre-slotted ailerons. I missed a picture out on the next stage, hinging the aileron is in the using way using “hairy” type hinges with some cyano!

  Aileron servo and control rod fitted. A nice touch with ball links all round. Makes for a very precise and slop free linkage! Plenty of throw with the servo arm and control horn position.

  Wings are complete, top view here.

Bottom view. You can see the lightweight methods of construction here.

    Fuselage is unwrapped next.

  A few steps in one here, the elev & horz stab are fitted, the stab is measured & positioned then glued in place with cyano. The elevator is then hinged and horn fitted as per aileron. The fin is now glued in place, ensuring it square. The tailwheel assembly is fitted to rudder in pre-formed slot and hinged with “hairy” hinges also.

  Top view, servos have been connected as per the aileron. A good positive linkage.

  Undercarriage & spats fitted, a simple job. The UC is a lightweight aluminium.

  Motor fitted on supplied standoff’s. ESC is also fitted at this point and motor test run for direction.

  Latest spektrum AR636, fitted. Will program with iPhone app at a later date.

  New Optipower 50c 3cell 2150mah will give this model plenty of punch.

Cowl, spinner and prop fitted. Ready to test fly.

Ill apply the decals before the test flight. Fingers crossed for some calmer wind to try it out!

Thnaks as always to Horizon for the opportunity to test their great products. Also Thnaks to Andy at Optipower for the best cells on the market!!

Flying review to come. 


IMAC Omagh May 2015

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May 132015

The first IMAC of the year in Northern Ireland took place on a wet, windy and cold day at Tyrone Model Flying Association’s excellent site.

The poor forecast and start to the day put a lot of pilots off and we simple u didn’t have the numbers expected! 3 brave pilots did however step up and flew. Fortunate r they were all in intermediate class so they had a close competition.

With the conditions worsening as the day went on we only held 2 rounds of double knowns.

After all the flying was done and scores counted, the outcome was

1.Sean Scullion

2. Harry Reid

3. Stephen Tait

Well done to all pilots as the 25mph crosswind made landing very difficult!

Also thbaks goes to the judges Paul & David and finally to the club members for looking after us very well and supplying us with plenty of food and bottomless cups of tea!

       The next comp is Causeway Coast on 7th June.



Delamont Display 3rd May 2015

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May 052015

The May bank holiday saw us back to our favourite display spot at Delamont Country Park. Down Council have been so impressed with the interest in our Clubs display that they have added 3 displays to their events calendar for 2015.

This was the 1st of the year and as usual we where Warmly welcomed with a large crowd dispite the poor weather forecast. As usual the weatherman got it wrong, it was sunny with a light breeze instead of heavy rain! We had 4 pilots, Sean, Alistair, Iain & myself ably assisted by my dad in the pits and Paul on the Mic.

We had a good selection of aircraft and put in two 40min displays including the ever popular toffee drop! The wind picked up a little on the second display and soon after we finished a shower rolled through, but thankfully all was packed away dry!

You can see some pictures below.

Another successful delamont display for Banbridge Aeromodelling Club!