Delamont Country Park Display Aug 2015

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Aug 262015

My clubs third and final display at delamont this year took place in the middle of August. The usual venue of the “big stone” in this huge site was the chosen location and for once we had blue skies and a stiff but very manageable breeze.

A good turn out of pilots and helpers made up the display team and as normal a wide variety of aircraft flew.

Notable flights included David Nolan with is Trex 700 Nitro & Electric, the toffee drops, the fast slot with Rarebear, Wasp, Magnum and my large Extra 300 display.

Some pics below, I should say you will see some pics of the new Blade Chroma kindly supplied by Horizon Hobby UK for me to test & review, this was flown in the restricted display zone after the public display, not at any stage during it, just to demostrate it to my club mates.


North Down Flyin Aug 2015

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Aug 262015

Northdown Model Aircraft Club held their annual Flyin at the end of August. A good day was had by all, great flying, lots of different aircraft and pilots and decent weather! Here are some pics.

Hilight of the day for me certainly was the demo I did with my good friend David Nolan. I was flying my Hangar 9 Extra 300 and David was flying his Trex 700. It went really well, kept it nice and tight together and it looked superb!


UMAC Easter Monday Flyin

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Apr 092015

Easter Monday sees the Denis O’Hara Memorial flyin take place at UMAC at Nutts Corner.

The club is the largest in Northern Ireland and they always put on a good day.

This was a slightly different experience for myself and my dad this year. The newest addition to the Poots family, my son Reuben came along with us, at 2weeks old we thought it was about time we let him see what his dad and grandad have spent the majority of their spare time doing over the last 20 plus years!!

The fly-in itself brings a host of modellers of all ages and plenty of aeroplanes, quads and helis. Key flights I observed, the Langford crew with a number of different jets and Stuart Porters enormous stratch built Harvard.

I myself flew the little Eflite Viking Bipe, an absolute perfect airframe to throw in the car and enjoy a quick flight.

Here are some pics.



Well done to Stuart for being awarded the Denis O’hara memorial trophy, well deserved for the big Harvard!

Boxing Day Flyin

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Dec 282014

The annual BAC flyin on Boxing Day was over shadowed by rain that’s year. Unfortunately it didn’t ease all day, but a dozen or more brave (or mad) modellers turned out for a cup of soup if nothing less.

A few more mad ones decided to fly, transmitters got covered with mitts or a good old plastic bag. Another Boxing Day tradition in our club is to test fly new early winter projects. This year we had 3 test flights, all e2k wasp’s our 2015 club model.

My dad had finished two, my own and my cousins Adam’s. Brian McCartan Jnr test flew his dad’s wasp also. All went very well and that’s a total of six flying, 14 still to complete!








Jul 272014


IMAC Clitheroe is held each year during the last weekend in July. This year it was our first trip over to the Mainland for a comp and is our last chance to compete before the World Champs in early September.

We set sail on the Belfast to Cairnryan ferry on Friday evening and travelled south for 200 or so miles to the flying site just outside the town of Clitheroe. When we arrived at 11pm, everyone had retreated to their Caravans or tents so we for bedded down for the night ourselves.


Saturday morning dawned with clear blue skies and a very light breeze. Perfect conditions for a days competition. With a few competitors having last minute technical problems with their aircraft we had 10 pilots in total, a little down on normal but last minute problems can’t be avoided. 2 basic class pilots, 1 sportsman, 1 intermediate, 2 advanced & 4 unlimited.

After a short pilots brief we got underway about 10am with the plan to fly 2 double knowns, a unknown, a single known and then freestyle for those that wanted to compete in that class.

Basic was first up, unfortunately one of the new comers had some bad luck on takeoff and clipped the fence at the end or the runway, it’s caught many pilots out over the years, hopefully it won’t dent his enthusiasm for IMAC. With the prefect conditions everyone flew well and our biggest problem was keeping the suncream from running into our eyes and finding a suitable place to get some shade! Not that we are complaining, I’d happily take 28-deg each time I go to fly! Pete Mumford had an exciting first flight, his Edge 540 developed some elevator flutter, he throttled back right away but it took a few seconds for him to regain control, fortunately with the speed bleed off the elevator started to have some control, he smoothly brought the plane round and landed. The problem had been caused by the control horn departing from the elevator. Pete’s edge is a IMAC veteran, it must be 10years old, so it had just worked loose over many 1000’s of flights. It couldn’t be fixed at the field, is Dan kindly lent him his Carden PRO.

We completed two rounds before lunch break, after a short pause we went straight into the unknown and final known. The wind picked up a little for the unknown and everyone managed ok with it. On the unlimited unknown we had the tailslide to trip us up and it did, no one scored for it, I did slide for about a fuselage length but it fell to the left. It looks like IMAC’s sequence committee is pushing the Tailslide this season, so the worlds is bound to have at least 1! Practise required!


With the sequences over it was time for freestyle, Chris was first up and put it a nice flight, Dave was up second about 3/4’s of the way through his flight, his rudder closed loop gave way, he waggled his way around and needing to keep the speed up he came In fast, model dug in and tip over, minimal damage, a broken prop. I was third up, about a minute into my flight it was my turn for a mechanical problem, the aileron started to flutter, luckily i was able to throttle back, stop the flutter and land without any problem. On investigation it was the inboard starboard aileron servo that had stripped. I wasn’t too annoyed, the servos on the H9 Extra 300 had probably done a good 1200 hard flights and it’s not a bad wear rate for the servos. That was the competition flying over for the day, I got a chance to fly my fellow IMAC UK World Champs team mate Brian Horn’s H9 Extra 300, he wanted a second opinion on his setup, I can report it’s spot on, I really enjoyed my flight and Brian has done a great job getting it just right, he will do well with this at the World’s next month!

The club had kindly laid on a BBQ for us and we all enjoyed the Craic, food and flew some smaller electric models. I had the new Parkzone Super Cub and Sukhoi with me, flown on the new DX6, everyone was impressed with how they flew and for an IMAC crowd the Cub was the most popular model, we may see someone at future IMAC comps! It’s a cracking little aircraft it has to be said and the more I flew the Suk I’m enjoying it more and more! The rain came in about 10am so everyone called it a night and headed to bed after a long day in the sun!



After a night of heavy rain, Sunday was a little more grey and there was noticeably more wind. It was more IMAC UK competition like! The club spoiled us again with breakfast and we got flying with full stomachs at 10am. The forecast was for showers up to and rain after lunchtime so Phil the CD had planned on getting 2 double knowns in before that. With a few flash showers we did manage it and by 1.45pm we had 4 flights in the bag. Phil suggested we call it a day as the rain was coming and a lot of people had a long journey. By 2pm Win had the results ready and the prize giving took place.
You can see the results below;



I was very happy to take first place in unlimited and the overall “Woodvale” Trophy. For me it was a warm up comp for the Worlds and I’ve seen a few things and chatting to Chief Judge Phil have a few things to work on for the big comp. So a very worthwhile weekend!


Thanks to all who organised the comp, Phil & Mike our judges, Win for score keeping and to Andrew & his wife for looking after us all throughout the weekend, food, tea you name it we had it!

Clitheroe is one of my favourite comps, it always has been and still is a worthy successor to the Woodvale Comp, relaxed, a great site and always good to meet up with friends. Looking forward to next year already!

Thanks also to all my sponsors for their continued support! Some pics below.





20140728-173935-63575321.jpg 20140728-173935-63575130.jpg  20140728-173934-63574934.jpg 20140728-173934-63574750.jpg 20140728-173934-63574564.jpg 20140728-173933-63573047.jpg 20140728-173934-63574190.jpg 20140728-173934-63574000.jpg 20140728-173934-63574375.jpg 20140728-173933-63573642.jpg 20140728-173932-63572841.jpg 20140728-173933-63573250.jpg 20140728-173931-63571677.jpg  20140728-173933-63573822.jpg 20140728-173932-63572246.jpg  20140728-173932-63572638.jpg 20140728-173932-63572046.jpg 20140728-173931-63571494.jpg 20140728-173931-63571859.jpg


Aug 142013

The annual Delamont country park display took place on the second weekend in August. We are well established at Delamont with many spectators coming specifically for the display each year. The display took part on the usual site, up at the Millennium Stone. The wind was stiff but it was straight up and down the well mown grass area. With the usual safety lines setup it was time to get started.

We had 6 pilots, Alistair, Brian, David, Sean, my dad and myself, Iain on the mic and a Brian & Murray to help setting up, Bernie kindly supplied the spot prizes for the toffee drop and Lisa was official photographer. The display consisted of 24 different planes flown and several on static display. The schedule was;

Introduction; Demonstration of controls and basic manoeuvres flown by Alistair using an Aircraft Panic with OS91FS.
Funfly Slot; Alistair was joined in the air by Brian flying his electric powered Panic and Sean with his Limbo Dancer with an OS32SX.
-Toffee Drop; Hobbyzone Super Cub, fitted with bomb bay flown by myself.
Electric Helicopter Slot; Brain flew his Goblin 700 and demonstrated smooth aerobatics and gentle 3D, David flew his MA Whiplash 90e demonstrating full 3D and hard aerobatics.
Aerobatic Slot; A flight to music with the Yak54 QQ powered by DA120
Toffee Drop; Another drop with the Cub
Warbird Slot; a selection of Parkzone & Elfite warbirds, David flew the P-47, Sean the Spitfire, Myself the Hurricane, Alistair the ME-109, myself again with the SE5a & my dad flew his Albatros.
Glider slot; I flew my Mystique 2.9m glider, Brian his Phase 6 with Pod motor, Alistair his Radian PRO and Sean flew his new Seagull 2000 hot liner.
Fast Slot; Sean, my dad and Alistair flew their Strykers, I flew the Pogo Racer.
Toffee Drop; 3rd drop of the day’.
Nitro Helicopter Slot; David flew his OS105 powered Whiplash 90
Electric Aerobatics Slot; I flew my 97” Sukhoi SU26MM.
Toffee Drop; A fourth and final toffee drop.

We flew this display twice round and each display took about 45minutes or so. The first display was slightly interrupted by a brief rain shower but it only lasted a few minutes. The support from the public was again strong, with a large crowd watching and plenty of kids taking part in the toffee drop.

Here are some pictures.

























A big thanks to all who helped out and to Horizon Hobby for the use of their warbirds in the large slot and for the little Super Cub which was superb in the 15-20mph wind it has to be said!

Looking forward to next year already!


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Apr 042013

Our annual trip to Nutts Corner for the UMAC Denis O’Hara Memorial Flyin took place as normal on Easter Monday.

The weather was typical of the flyin, windy and cold, but that doesn’t put us off!!!

A good crowd braved the freezing wind and plenty of flying took place. I flew the new H9 Yak54 composite, the H9 Electric Sukhoi and the little AS3X visionaire which handled the wind with ease!!

I have some video to edit, learning our new camera!!

Here are some pics in the meantime.


Stephen with his trusty Boomerang


My aircraft for the day, Electric Sukhoi in background and new Hangar 9 QQ Yak in foreground.


An old aircraft of my dad’s still flying. This was one of Banbridge Aeromodelling Club’s challenge aeroplanes, the Millenia, a good flying aeroplane! Still going after 11 years!!



Some aeroplanes in the Pits



Fueling the Yak and yes it was that cold!!



Another Retro airframe, the Balsacraft Xtreme! A good plane in it’s day!



The Nolan’s and myself. You can see David’s MA Whiplash 90’s, one electric powered on 12s and one nitro powered on the new OS 105 engine. Impressive heli’s



Gerry taking some pictures or is his getting idea’s on what motor to install in his next plane??


Easter Egg prize presentation!!


Stuart was awarded the Denis O’Hara Memorial Trophy for his flight with his gaint Biplane, I’m not sure what it was.


Thanks to Gerry and all the members at UMAC for the invite and cups of warm tea!!


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Feb 252013

The EIM took place on the last weekend in February in the Richard Dunn Sports Complex in Bradford. It was a great weekend with some superb flying from all pilots. The standard in F3P A was very high and I was very happy to be the top placed UK pilot, taking fourth place begind, Derk van der Vecht, David Duval & Ernst Disse.

Simon took 1st place in the Pylon with some superb racing in a discplined and well thought out win, he won with lots to spare! Nando from Holland took a first place in AM with a great routine with lights synced to the music. Josh James a 10 year old new to the indoor scene took 1st in F3P C and the Katie Whitehead award for pilot’s choice, well done to him. Mark Barnes also retained his freestyle title. Full results are here

Thanks to Matt Hoyland for CD’ing, Andy Whitehead for his work before & during the comp, Ashely Hoyland for flightline director, the whole BMFA team and to John at Horizon Hobby for all his support at the competition and before.

Here are some pics


Pilots Briefing


The Trophies for all classes


The Pits tables, plenty of airplanes as you can see


My F3P competition aircraft, the Disney, powered by an Eflite Park 250, 10amp Eflite ESC, Spektrum A2020 servos, AR6310 RX & Spektrum DX18 TX.


Andy Whitehead own design Biplane, the only one at the comp. It was a beautiful looking design and seemed to fly well.


Pylon Race Final


David Duval from France with his 85g F3P model and his trophies.


F3P A Scores, I was very pleased with my 4th place


F3P-B Scores


F3P AM Scores


Freestyle Scores


The van der Vecht’s testing the new Spektrum A2020 servos


Team UN during the Team Synchro


Model lined up for their flights




Simon taking 1st Place in the Pylon Race!! Kept in Northern Ireland for another year


Some of the Blade heli’s on the Horizon Hobby display stand


Ultra Micro’s, helis, Flight Sim & new AS3X aircraft all part of the Horizon Hobby Display


Horizon Hobby evening fly-in, some of the aircraft supplied by HHUK for pilots to fly


Catching up with the van der Vecht’s


John doing some running repairs during the Horizon Hobby evening


Josh James collecting the Katie Whitehead Memorial trophy, he was the star of the show and will be one for the future.

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Jan 302013

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is taking place this week in Germany. This is Europe’s largest fair and offers RC companies a chance to display new products for the upcoming season.

Horizon have a large stand at Nuremberg and have released some very nice products. I’ve taken sourced this from Horizon Hobby UK’s site and tried to summarize it here, you can find more info there,

What’s new at Nuremberg…

Blade have released a new coaxial heli, named the CX4, a larger version of the popular MCX2. It features a colourful body design with integrated LED’s. Runs on a 3s 800mah lipo, for 7-8min of flying


Dyamnite have a new range of Lipo’s aimed at the budget minded modeller, called reaction lipos. These are for both Auto & Aero functions and over impressive 20c & 30c performance, in a number of common 1, 2 & 3 cell setups. You can expect quality and performance from these cells.


Dyamnite also has a new 4 port 400watt charger, looks like a very neat and well built unit with built in mains power supply.


Eflite have been busy with two new aircraft.

Firstly the new massive 4.2m L-13 Blanik ARF with fully licensed Red Bull scheme, a fibreglass fuselage and foam sheeted wings, make for a super light airframe that will fly superbly. This is a serious sailplane, capable of aerotowing and slope flying. A video can be viewed from Eflite’s own site.


The second airplane is the New Foam CarbonZ Splendor. It is an F3A inspired AS3X equipped aircraft perfect for F3A & 3D training designed by world champion Quique Somenzini. It has a wingspan of 54” and uses a 6s 3200mah lipo (or 2x3s 3200 in series). The lines of this aircraft are beautiful and it looks to have awesome performance. A video can be viewed from Eflite’s own site.


New aircraft aren’t just limited to the Eflite range, Hangar 9 have gotten in on the act.

First released last week is a Mike McConville & Carden Aircraft design 50cc Extra 300. Following on from the hugely successful Carden Yak54, this new Extra300 is a scaled down version of Carden’s 40% 300. It uses the best of Hangar9 and Carden’s building techniques to build into a really nice kit. Designed around popular 60cc engine class it can also be powered by electric on a 12s setup.


Another new design from Quique Somenzini is a 2.6mm Yak54 fully composite airframe. Quique has developed the Yak54 platform into probably the most popular airframe of modern times. His original TOC design 3W Yak is still an iconic aircraft in IMAC circles, widely respected as one of if not the best IMAC design of all time. Quique further developed this aircraft with his own company QQAC and several versions of the Yak54 followed, but the 102” Balsa/Ply version, which sold in its 1000’s was the most popular. Hangar 9 and Quique have taken the 2.6m market of ARTF’s to a new level with this aircraft. It will prove to be a extreme 3D performer and precision for the IMAC fans. I see also that a new Evolution124cc engine is mentioned, it should be an interesting power horse. A video can be viewed on hangar 9’s site. I think the quality of this aircraft will be pro class.


Evolution have a new 90sized glow engine. Based on the 61sized crankcase this offers more power for minimum weight again.


Not only have horizon released aircraft products there are plenty of new surface items. New ECX buggys & truggys, LOSI releases as well a an exciting new brand call Vaterra. Some really nice stuff based on full scale cars.



Check back to my site for reviews of some of the products above throughout the season!!


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Dec 182012

The Flying Show at Birmingham’s NEC is one of the UK’s largest light aircraft shows. There are many exhibitors and stands selling aircraft, navigation systems, tools, clothing and much more. The BMFA are invited along to the show and it is a good opportunity to cross promote full scale aviation with model aircraft flying. The BMFA have a large stand promoting all elements of the hobby and have been given a large netted off area to do flight demo’s. Horizon Hobby UK take part in that flight demo, displaying a wide range of their indoor micro products in the netted area and outside it in the form of a large static display with some of larger outdoor products. The BMFA had also organised a large turbine and electric scale helicopter demo, RC hot air balloons and a F3P Sequence/Aeromusical demonstration.

 The demo’s were very relaxed, with the aim to have aircraft flying at all times from 10am – 5pm. The flying was broken down into 1hour long sections, with a Scale Heli demo, hot air balloon, F3P Sequence & AM demo’s, taking about 20mins of every hour. The remaining time was allocated to the Horizon Hobby Demo’s. 8 Horizon Team pilot’s joined the other demo pilot’s, Darren, John, Perry, James, Thomas, Ali, my Dad and myself, we were ably assisted by two young talents of the future, Darren’s daughter Kelsey and Ali’s son Zavi, who between them probably flew more than us all put together.

The products we flew were;

 -Hobbyzone Champ

-Parkzone Night Vapor

NEW Parkzone Mini Vapor

NEW Parkzone Spitfire AS3X

-Parkzone Mosquito

-Parkzone UM Stryker

-Parkzone T-28

-Eflite Extra 300 3D

-Eflite Geebee

-Eflite Beast 3D

NEW Eflite Sbach 3D

-Eflite Hypertaxi

-Eflite MiG 15

-Eflite Carbon Cub SS

NEW Eflite ASK21 Glider (Perry fitted a Blade 120SR Tail motor to it, so it could be demo’d indoors, superb idea and a great airplane)

-Blade Scout

NEW Blade Redbull Heli

-Blade M-cX2

-Blade 120 SR

-Blade M-srX

-Blade M-cpX

NEW Blade Nano-cpX

-Blade M-qX

NEW Blade 130X

-Blade 300X

Just a few aircraft to demonstrate, add to this the vast static display of a large range of the Horizon outdoor products, the Horizon Hobby display was fantastic, John’s van was as ever full!

The NEC Flight Show Gallery

It was a thoroughly good weekend and a big thanks to all the BMFA & Horizon team for their efforts putting the show on and to John for organising all the products for my dad & I to fly.

Best Wishes and a Merry Christmas to you all,


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