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The Habu has been a very popular EDF aircraft, starting with the original Parkzone Z foam version in the Grey and yellow scheme, evolving into the larger Habu 32 from Eflite, then a reworking of the popular Parkzone Z-foam model and now an all new Ultra Micro version. Featuring a 28mm Eflite Ducted Fan, this little aircraft is powered by 2cell 200mah lipo. It comes RTF with the AS3X system on board, which helps make this little aircraft feel much bigger than it really is, handling wind and giving the pilot total confidence at all speed range. This is sure to be a popular aircraft for all levels!


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E-flite’s UMX Habu DF 180 ultra micro sport jet is aimed at intermediate to advanced pilots looking for some high speed, adrenaline filled flying fun.

At its core is breakthrough ultra-micro electric ducted fan technology featuring inlet and exhaust ducting expressly engineered to harness the full potential of the high-speed 28mm Delta-V™ 180m brushless EDF system. Add 2S brushless LiPo to the power system and this sport jet is certain to deliver superior performance.

The model features the same iconic delta shape as the popular larger sized ParkZone® Habu, and the onboard AS3X stability technology transforms flying performance. No matter how ballistic you choose to fly, AS3X technology provides smooth, natural feeling control while battling many of the bumps and wiggles caused by wind and turbulence.

The landing gear reduces the risk of damage to the lower surface when landing on harder surfaces, however this can be easily removed giving the model a much cleaner look in the air.

This all foam EDF hotrod features a pre-painted high visibility White, Yellow, Black, & Silver colour scheme and comes out of the box almost ready to fly with no building needed, simply bind the model to your transmitter, charge the flight battery and go fly!


  • AS3X System delivers smooth handling and outstanding precision
  • Based on the popular Habu design – great flying sport jet
  • BL180m Brushless Ducted Fan motor installed
  • Delta V 180 28mm Ducted Fan installed
  • Engineered Intake and exhaust ducts means no unsightly power robbing cheater holes.
  • Full 4channel operation out of the box
  • No building involved, just bind charge and fly
  • Performance linear servos deliver betterresponse and control
  • Removable landing gear for a clean lookin the air
  • Steerable nose gear provides great ground handling
  • High visibility trim scheme


Wingspan:  372mm (14.6 inch)
Overall Length: 444mm (17.5 inch)
Wing Area: 3.50 sq dm (54.0 sq inch)
Flying Weight: 75.5g (2.65 ounce)
Ducted Fan Motor: BL180m 11750Kv (Included)
EDF Unit: Delta-V 180m 28mm EDF Unit (Included)
Motor Battery:  2S 200 LiPo (required–EFLB2002S25) DX4e
Minimum Radio: SA2030L (4) (installed)
Servos:  DSMX® 6-channel Ultra Micro AS3X/RX/BL
ESC/Rx:  ESC unit (installed)

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  1. Very sexy little jet……. I want one 🙂

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