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The last weekend in July is the annual date for IMAC’s return to Clitheroe in Lancashire.

My dad and I travelled over on the Friday afternoon ferry from Belfast to Cairnryan and with glorious weather made our way leisurely down the M6 to the competition site. We arrived just after 11pm, said our hello’s and goodnight’s and got some shut eye.

Saturday morning dawned with blue skies and it looked like it was going to be a great day, some rain was forecast later in the evening, but there certainly wasn’t any sign of it. After the pilot’s brief it was straight into the comp. For a few reason’s the entry was down from expected, I know a few people had model troubles before the comp and maybe the heavy rain forecast put some off. Nevertheless 10 pilot’s we raring to go and knew with teh smaller entry, we would all get plenty of rounds in. The pilots’ and their models were,

Barry White (CompArf 3m 260, DA150)
Mick Bull (Pilot RC 50cc Extra260, DA50)

Brian Horn (Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU26, DA85)
Dan Gallo (Pilot RC 100cc Yak 54, DLE111)

Phil Hoyle (Hangar 9 35% Extra 300, DLE111)
Mal Green (Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU26 3.1m, DA150)

Luke Jackson (Pilot RC 100cc Yak 54, DLE111)
Chris Bull (Comp Arf Sukhoi 3.1m, DLE222)
Tony Robinson (Aerotech Extra 300 3m, DA150)
Matthew Poots (Carden Extra 300 3.2m, DA200)

With good conditions we got through 3 double rounds, so 6 flights in total. Unlimited and Intermediate, had their unknown on Saturday. The unlimited unknown was a tricky number with a high K factor of 445, lots of ¾ snap combinations kept us all on our toes, I was happy with my flight. Unfortunately Barry White had to withdraw from the comp, he was feeling under the weather and had a bad landing as the wind direction meant we had to land over the fence and downhill, he wasn’t himself and decided to head home early. With plenty of sequence flying completed on Saturday, freestyle finished things off, the pilots were.

Dan Gallo (Pilot RC 100cc Yak 54, DLE111)
Mal Green (Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU26 3.1m, DA150)
Matthew Poots (Hangar 9 Yak54 QQ, DA120)

Everyone flew nicely, Mal’s flight was really smooth, Dan had a nice rock medley as his music and flew really well to it! I used the same music as last year and it worked ok, hoping to have something new for the NATS though!

The club at Clitheroe put on a great BBQ for us on Saturday night and we eat well and enjoyed the social side of IMAC. I flew my dad’s visionaire and Luke was throwing a little EPP model about really nicely, great young pilot! He was chucking a blade 130x around too in some fashion, so his talent doesn’t stop at planes!

The rain that was forecast did indeed come and by 10.30pm, everyone took cover in their, tents, vans & caravans. The rain didn’t stop until about 8am!

Sunday was a little dull to start with but soon brightened up, the wind had picked up and it was a full crosswind blowing it. It was steady probably about 15mph, so gave us all a new challenge. The sportsman and advanced elected not to fly their unknown, so it was 3 double rounds of known for Sunday.

The conditions really made things interesting and wind correction was the key, it great practise for the upcoming Nationals when conditions are normally less than perfect. Chris Bull had some bad luck during his 3rd round, his DLE222 mysteriously stopped, he tried his best to get it back on the strip, but with the strong wind came up short, luckily the damaged was minor, an undercarriage leg pulled out, an easy repair. I think he is more concerned as to why the DLE stopped. Luke also had some problems during one of his flights, he took a spasm in his thumb and had to land, luckily it went away and he was able to re-fly the round and finish the comp. There was no freestyle on Sunday, due to time constraints.

After Win had calculated all the scores the results were as follows

1st Place Mick Bull
2nd Place Barry White

1st Place Dan Gallo
2nd Place Brian Horn

1st Place Mal Green
2nd Place Phil Hoyle

1st Place Matthew Poots
2nd Place Luke Jackson
3rd Place Chris Bull
4th Place Tony Robinson

1st Place Matthew Poots
2nd Place Mal Green
3rd Place Dan Gallo

Dan Gallo took the Woodvale trophy for the highest percentage flight scores over the weekend with a score of 72.5%, narrowly beating myself, I think I had 72.1%. Well done to Dan, he flew well in intermediate and deserved it!

Another Clitheroe in the bag and great fun as always. The nationals are a month away, so the practise can begin!


Here are some pics,


My Big Carden used for Sequences



Relaxing between rounds, hard work this flying!




The start box, Phil’s Extra in the background, Mal’s Sukhoi in the foreground



Thomas’s Edge, his Carden is in the works at the moment.




Dan’s Yak, he used this plane for both sequence and freestyle




Brian’s trusty Sukhoi, still flying really well



It got warm on Saturday, Phil covered his extra up



Mal also tried to keep the inside of his plane cool



Chris Bull’s big Sukhoi, painted by his dad, you have to see the finish to appreciate it, superb!



Luke’s Yak 54



Tony’s Extra 300, this has served Tony well for many years, he brought it out of retirement this season!



Poor quality on my phone, but this is Dan during his Freestyle



Smoke working well



Tony and Chris discussing the unknown!


Brian saying a short prayer before his unknown! 🙂


The judges for the weekend, Thomas on left, Phil on the right! The umbrella was for shade not shelter!



Dan receiving the Woodvale trophy, well deserved!



Myself receiving 1st Place for Free & Unlimited


Mal receiving 1st in Advanced and 2nd in Freestyle





Mick receiving 1st in Sportsman, well done to IMAC’s chairman!

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  1. Well done Mathew and Dad,
    Found your coverage of the comp quite adequate, entertaining, amusing and informative.
    Your pics are very clear,interesting and varied.
    Keep up the good work, I shall certinally check your site out in the future.

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