NightVisionAire Review

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Apr 292015

The new eflite visionaire is a new twist on the hugely popular and successful Parkzone VisionAire. 

The concept behind the original VisionAire was to combine the most advanced design methods & electronics to provide a training platform for budding 3D pilots. This was meet and more with the finished product, the AS3X technology made the aircraft hugely forgiving for novice pilots and for more advanced pilots it added a level of stability that allowed the boundaries to be pushed, particularly around the weather conditions you could enjoy flying a lightweight Z foam model.
The new Night VisionAire improves on the design with the addition of the latest be most refined AS3X gyro the AR636. Years of development has also added SAFE technology, the save your model mode, when you get into trouble or out of your comfort zone, press the ‘panic’ button and the VisionAire returns to level upright flight.

Another first for Eflite is to include a fully integrated LED light set installed inside the Z foam, with the high intensity lights, the effect on the Night VisionAire is to illuminate the entire airframe. This provides excellent results in the dark.

The build of the VisionAire is very straight forward and as usual all the hard is done! 10-15mins has it complete. Here are some pics.



As the VisionAire is designed for night flying, I thought it best to test flight it at night! On a calm dark night, the 3cell 2200mah was fitted the DX6 programmed and the lights switched on. A fairly uneventful test flight and as with the previous VisionAire this one was rock steady. I think the improvements between the AR635 and the new AR636 have only enhanced this already brilliant aircraft. The stock setup seemed more positive and it’s impossible to detect the AS3X system working in the background. 

Overall I’m really impressed with the VisionAire, I forgot just how good and rewarding this plane is and adding the night flying element only enhances that further! Thanks to Horizon for the opportunity to review!

Here are some pics. Video to follow.


Blade Nano 3D QX 

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Apr 102015

Horizon Hobby very kindly sent me a new exciting product to test. The new Nano 3D QX is an enhanced version of the highly popular nano QX. With advances in AS3X stablisation the Blade team have been able to develop a fully 3D quad in a palm sized product. Reverse motor technology makes this possible also.

As with all Blade products quads, the package comes in two format, BNF and RTF with its own TX. The version I reviewed was a BNF. I programmed my trusty DX6 and bound the quad to the TX. The supplied 1s 200mah Lipo was charged via the USB charger and is really straight forward.

Three modes are available;

Stability Mode 
Pitch and roll limits are locked to offer a limited flight envelope while electronic self-leveling offers positive stability the instant you release the sticks. You can also flip 360° in any direction at the press of a button. 

EVO Mode 
Evolve your flight routine at the press of a button with the ability to flip 180-degrees from upright to inverted and back again with ease. The flight controls stay the same, regardless of orientation. Self-leveling and flight envelope limits are maintained. 

3D Agility Mode 

A true 3D flying experience that offers full-range maneuverability with no self-leveling assistance. When flying upright in this mode, 0–50% throttle is negative thrust and 51–100% is positive thrust.

I only had a chance to hover indoors as it was very blustry outside, but very quickly I was flying round the living room, under the coffee table and Landing on the fireplace! No inverted flight yet, I’ll leave that for a bigger space!!

Here are some pics.   


I’m looking forward to trying this more, I hope to get a video up soon!


UMAC Easter Monday Flyin

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Apr 092015

Easter Monday sees the Denis O’Hara Memorial flyin take place at UMAC at Nutts Corner.

The club is the largest in Northern Ireland and they always put on a good day.

This was a slightly different experience for myself and my dad this year. The newest addition to the Poots family, my son Reuben came along with us, at 2weeks old we thought it was about time we let him see what his dad and grandad have spent the majority of their spare time doing over the last 20 plus years!!

The fly-in itself brings a host of modellers of all ages and plenty of aeroplanes, quads and helis. Key flights I observed, the Langford crew with a number of different jets and Stuart Porters enormous stratch built Harvard.

I myself flew the little Eflite Viking Bipe, an absolute perfect airframe to throw in the car and enjoy a quick flight.

Here are some pics.



Well done to Stuart for being awarded the Denis O’hara memorial trophy, well deserved for the big Harvard!

Airtowing the KA8

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Feb 162015

The Carbon Cub from Eflite has been fitted with the tow release mechanism and we can now tow up some pretty serious sailplanes. Horizon in the states have towed the eflite Blanik a 4.3m 10kg model.

I’ll start smaller, the Parkzone KA8 sailplane. A entry level model, that is a light thermal simple to fly scale model. When fitted with Eflite’s servoless realise it can be used in any flat field application.

The build of the KA8 was very straight forward and was completed in about 15mins.

The test flight of the glider took place on Saturday afternoon, it was really straight forward and uneventful. We took some video footage with the go pro and it turned out really well. I’ll fit a camera to the glider next time!









Fusion Models TX sticks

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Jan 262015

A few months ago Mike Altham from Fusion Models asked me to review some transmitter sticks he designed and had manufactured.

On receipt of the sticks my first impression was that the quality visually was superb. The standard of the machining and the finish gave them a really quality look and on further inspection I could see up-close this was also true. I chose to fit them to my trusty DX7s which both my dad & I use a lot, so the perfect test bed. Offered in a range of colours this gives any pilot the chance to upgrade their TX sticks both visually and more importantly for feel.

The stick assembly comes in two pieces which is the norm, the upper shaft tightening and locking onto the lower shaft. Height of the sticks is adjustable by positioning the lower shaft in the desired location before threading the top shaft. As I fly finger and thumb, I normally have my sticks quite long. I applied the lower shaft leaving about 3-4 threads projecting above and tightened the top shaft onto those threads. Even with so few threads the quality of the machining meant the sticks felt very secure and locked in. You could apply a very light amount of thread lock but I deliberately didn’t to see if they would remain in place. I can report after probably 100 flights they are still secure and have never moved or been adjusted.

The grip of the sticks is very important to a finger and thumb flyer. I have tested these sticks in a number of temperature conditions and mostly indoors, grip has never been an issue. In a warm hall when perspiration can build up on the contact surface, my fingers have never slipped from the sticks, even during the most 3D “stick stirring manoeuvres”. I also tried them using my thumbs and although I’m not the most proficient pilot using this method, I felt the grip the machining on the top of the stick offered was certainly as good as any other stick I have used or observed. I do feel that as a finger and thumb user they units are among the best I have used in an after market stick assembly.

Thanks to Mike for the opportunity to test his product and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Eflite NIGHT Visionaire

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Jan 082015

A new cool product realised today from Eflite is the a new version of the popular Parkzone Visionaire. Eflite have updated this 3D trainer aircraft with the latest AR636 AS3X RX and also fitted hi intensity LED’s within the structure. This provides the perfect BNF package to try some night flying with.

The AR636 comes with Panic Recovery SAFE technology and 2 flights modes, precision / 3D.

Here is EFlite summary!

The E-flite® NIGHT VisionAire™ park flyer is specifically designed for sport pilots who want a 3D experience with more options. Based on the groundbreaking ParkZone® VisionAire design, the E-flite NIGHT VisionAire aerobat includes intense LED lights that give the internal structure a brilliant glow. But giving you more time to fly isn’t the only thing visionary about it. The included Spektrum™ AR636 receiver has been specially tuned with an AS3X™ system featuring a Precision mode and a 3D mode for an exceptional high-speed and 3D aerobatic experience. Not only are stunning moves even more fun to fly, if you get into trouble, SAFE™ technology provides Panic Recovery mode so there’s less risk of crashing.
Whether you’re an intermediate park pilot looking to advance your aerobatic skills or a 3D expert who wants the versatility to fly day or night, the E-flite NIGHT VisionAire park flyer is ideal. All you need to start flying today is your favorite full-range 4+ channel programmable aircraft transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2™/DSMX® technology and a charged 2200mAh 11.1V 3S 30C LiPo battery.

Looks like a nice addition to anyone’s hangar!



Eflite Carbon Z Cub SS

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Jan 062015

Eflite’s Carbon Cub SS is a replica of the modern full scale Carbon Cub. The Carbon Cub updates the original Piper Cub, using some modern construction methods and material to enhance this popular and timeless design.

Eflite took this template, incorporated some of their own design techniques and coupled this with Spektrum’s AS3X system to great a truly unique cub.

It’s powered by a BL50 eflite motor on 6s Lipo, with a wide range of capacity from 2900 -5000mah. This power means towing is ideal and 4.2m sailplanes have been towed successfully.

Well proven by horizon flight team throughout 2014, I had a need for a tow plane and was interested in the versatility the Cub offers.

The build was really straight forward, my dad took this on board and with a few hours he had it ready for the air. Here are some pics;




















The test flight took place on a dull Saturday with a moderate breeze. The preflights checks completed and a freshly charged 6s 2900 Lipo fitted the cub was positioned on the somewhat muddy strip. Within a few feet of a run it leapt into the air and was quickly on its way. As with most Eflite aircraft the test flight was a none event, a few circuits not a great deal of trim was required.

Quickly I was comfortable so began exploring was this big foam model could do.

I’ll let the pictures so the talking. I had 4 flights and loved everyone! I just need to complete a sailplane now so I can tow it up!









Boxing Day Flyin

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Dec 282014

The annual BAC flyin on Boxing Day was over shadowed by rain that’s year. Unfortunately it didn’t ease all day, but a dozen or more brave (or mad) modellers turned out for a cup of soup if nothing less.

A few more mad ones decided to fly, transmitters got covered with mitts or a good old plastic bag. Another Boxing Day tradition in our club is to test fly new early winter projects. This year we had 3 test flights, all e2k wasp’s our 2015 club model.

My dad had finished two, my own and my cousins Adam’s. Brian McCartan Jnr test flew his dad’s wasp also. All went very well and that’s a total of six flying, 14 still to complete!









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Nov 272014

We are currently working on getting a tow aircraft ready, the Eflite CarbonZ Cub is the perfect aircraft as it comes prefitted with tow realise mechanism, so it’s really straight forward. The cub is also a superb sport aircraft and a lot of fun.

To experiment and learn this art we will be using a Parkzone KA8 sailplane. It will be fitted with some telemetry to feed data back to us on the ground (GPS, altitude etc) and Eflite’s servoless realise system to make detachment of the glider really straight forward.

It’s all new to me, so very excited about it! The plan is to tow much bigger sailplanes, so will be hooking up with the NIMSA guys to possibly organise an informal tow event.



Donation to Action MS

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Nov 102014

At the three IMAC NI comps this year we held a raffle with the prizes we very kindly had donated to us by;
-Horizon Hobby UK
-Scorpion Power Systems
-Powerbox Systems
-RC Factory/Electric Wingman
-Jersey Modeller
-Engel Modelbau

With the sponsors and very kind modelling public we raised £475.

The cheque was presented at Banbridge Aeromodelling Club’s indoor flying night.

Thanks again,