Evolution 10cc Gas Engine

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Jun 172013

Evolution recently introduced a new range of small petrol powered engines. The new engines come in 10cc, 15cc, 20cc and 33cc.

Horizon Hobby UK kindly allowed us to test the new 10cc model. We thought we would use a typical glow aircraft that people would convert. In our hangar we had a Glens 58″ Cap232 which hadn’t saw much use recently. It was powered by a 50 size glow engine so the new 10cc petrol would fit perfectly as it is classed as equal to 46-60 glow.

Fitting the engine was straight forward, the same engine mount was used. A few extra holes needed cut for needle values and exhausts but no major surgery was needed. The cap had a 11oz tank originally, we replaced that with a 8oz tank as the new petrol engine is much more efficient than he’ll engines. Like all petrol engines an ignition unit is required, this is powered by a 2s lipo and is a very compact and lightweight unit.

The manual recommends that a 10×6 prop is used for run in purposes, this will lightly load the engine as break it in gently.

With all installed in the cap we took it to the field to test fly. A few primes as per the manual were performed, a touch with the starter and the evolution 10cc sprung to life. It started so easily and I was impressed with how smoothly it ran. After a minute or two or gently revving up and down the range and a quick trouble free range test , we took to the skies. The cap had loads of power for a sort takeoff run even on the small prop. After a few gently circuits I knew the engine was going to be a good one. Very smooth and great power, it also reminded me how good the glens cap232 is! A superb flying aeroplane. We had two flights and after the seconds flight I could feel the engine was giving out more power, so it’s loosening up nicely.

We will get a few more tanks through it and start up’ing the propellers. The evolution 10cc is defiantly a more viable option now than expensive to fuel and messy glow engines, I wouldn’t hesitate to use one again! With the 15, 20, 26 & 33cc it really opens the possibilities for many aircraft.

Here are some pics!