Eflite Carbon Z Cub SS

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Jan 062015

Eflite’s Carbon Cub SS is a replica of the modern full scale Carbon Cub. The Carbon Cub updates the original Piper Cub, using some modern construction methods and material to enhance this popular and timeless design.

Eflite took this template, incorporated some of their own design techniques and coupled this with Spektrum’s AS3X system to great a truly unique cub.

It’s powered by a BL50 eflite motor on 6s Lipo, with a wide range of capacity from 2900 -5000mah. This power means towing is ideal and 4.2m sailplanes have been towed successfully.

Well proven by horizon flight team throughout 2014, I had a need for a tow plane and was interested in the versatility the Cub offers.

The build was really straight forward, my dad took this on board and with a few hours he had it ready for the air. Here are some pics;




















The test flight took place on a dull Saturday with a moderate breeze. The preflights checks completed and a freshly charged 6s 2900 Lipo fitted the cub was positioned on the somewhat muddy strip. Within a few feet of a run it leapt into the air and was quickly on its way. As with most Eflite aircraft the test flight was a none event, a few circuits not a great deal of trim was required.

Quickly I was comfortable so began exploring was this big foam model could do.

I’ll let the pictures so the talking. I had 4 flights and loved everyone! I just need to complete a sailplane now so I can tow it up!









E-flite UMX Yak54 180QQ

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Jun 142013

UMX Yak 54 180 BNF

Key Features • AS3X® System for outstanding precision and 3D aerobatics • Lightweight, hollow-core, carbon fiber reinforced construction • Spektrum™ AS6410NBL DSMX® 6Ch AS3X Receiver w/BL ESC • Powerful yet efficient 180BL, 3000Kv brushless motor • Fully assembled and factory painted with a vibrant paint scheme • Built-in side force generators offer enhanced 3D performance • Four-channel control with steerable tail wheel • High-discharge 2S 150mAh 45C Li-Po battery meets 3D power demands • Performance, linear long-throw servos helps deliver crisp response


The E-flite® UMX™ Yak 54 180 ultra micro airplane offers a bold new level of aerobatic performance. No other aerobatic design meets the challenge and demands of both precision and 3D versatility like the Yak 54 can. Recognized early on by Quique Somenzini, his Yak 54 concept ushered in a new era of RC aerobatic prowess. The UMX Yak 54 180 offers incredible speed and thrust from its E-flite 180-class brushless power system. But what makes this go-anywhere 3D thoroughbred truly special is its incredible AS3X® System that delivers remarkable control agility so you can perform aerobatics smoothly and have the control authority to pop sharply into 3D maneuvers with the stability of a giant-scale aerobat. And despite its size, AS3X stability also helps you fly in moderate winds without seeing so much as a bobble, plus you’ll be able to perform high-alpha flight maneuvers that feel locked-in more easily. Additionally, you get all these features without having to spend a lot of time programming – no special mixing is required. Just charge and connect the included Li-Po battery, bind to a full-range DSM2®/DSMX® airplane transmitter, and the UMX Yak 54 180 will instantly offer you an incredible ultra micro RC flight experience.

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 17.8 in (452mm)

Overall Length: 16.1 in (410mm)

Wing Area: 78.7 sq. in. (508 sq. cm.)

Flying Weight: 2.5 oz (70 g)

Motor Size: 180-size brushless outrunner (installed)

Radio: 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX transmitter with programmable dual rates and exponential (required)

Servos: (4) 2.3-gram performance linear long-throw servos (installed)

Trim Scheme Colors: Blue, red, white

CG (center of gravity): 1.97 in (50mm) back from the leading edge of wing at wing root

Prop Size: 5.75 x 2.5

Recommended Battery: 7.4V 2S 150mAh 45C LiPo (included)

Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 70% up/down, 15% expo; High: 100% up/down, 25% expo

Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 70% up/down, 25% expo; High: 100% up/down, 30% expo

Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 25% right/left, 10% expo; High: 100% right/left, 15% expo

Approx. Flying Duration: 4 minutes

Charger: 2S DC Li-Po balancing charger (included)

Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years

Experience Level: Intermediate

Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor

Is Assembly Required: No


Eflite Splendor AS3X

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Feb 032013

The new Eflite Splendor is new Z-foam aircraft packed full of revolutionary technology and design concepts from World Champion Quique Somenzini’s years of experience designs models of all types and sizes.

The Splendor utilises Carbon Z a composite technology used to made Z-foam rigid. This is achieved by Carbon spars is vital areas mixed with plywood to keep the weight down. The result of this is an incredibly lightweight & stiff structure, whether this is the wings, fuselage or flight surfaces. To be able to achieve this with foam opens the possibilities of what ‘foamies’ can do.

The other technology is the new AS3X park flyer gyro system housed in the AR635 receiver. Like the new VisionAire this RX is used to improve the flight performance of this new design. In an aircraft like the Splendor the 3axis Mems Sensor’s will improve how the plane will hold lines, therefore using the Splendor as a training tool for F3A is a viable option. The AS3X improves an aircraft so that it feels bigger in the air and pilots looking to improve their discipline with aerobatics or learn new schedules can in a relativity inexpensive package.

The Build

A colourful box, with foam packaging to support the airframe during shipping.

It’s a big airplane, the biggest Z-foam model to date, it all arrived safe & undamaged.

The finish of Z-foam is improving all the time, the paint finish is also superb.

The first part of the build is to install the wire UC. The wire UC is slotted into a plastic groove and held in place with a plastic retainer and two screws on each side. The leg cover is also screwed through this retainer and clips to the wire.

The leg cover adds that finished look to the aircraft.

The spats and wheels are pre installed so nothing to do there.

The horizontal stab and elevator are pre hinged with CA hinges. There is a carbon spar in the tail, a locating pin for the stab that keys into the fuselage.

The elevator joiner is a square socket joining the two elevator halves to form a rigid connection.

The horz stab is held in place with two screws each half. A nice touch is that all the fixings on CarbonZ aircraft are now Allen key headed, that bit of extra quality. You can also see the carbon& fibreglass spar in horz stab. The rudder linkage is all connected up and the steerable tailwheel is also pre installed.

The elevator linkage needs connected, again a touch of quality here, a ball joint at the control surface. The new eflite 26g metal geared digital servos are also impressive, slope free and very smooth.

The large hatch is gives lots of access to the battery tray and RX.

It is opened via a new flush mechanical button at the front of the hatch, it is pinned at the rear with two plastic dowels.

The wings are held in place with 4 screws (2 per panel). A carbon wing tube acts as the main spar. The wing panels themselves are all factory finished, ailerons are hinged with CA hinges & the servos are connected with the same high quality fixings as with the elevator and rudder.

The Flying

The test flight was a uneventful affair. After some quick preflight checks and a range test it was time to take to the air. The 2x3s 3200mah lipos connected in series to give 6s give the Splendor plenty of performance and after a short takeoff run this sleek model was quickly into the air. The AS3X systems reduces trim required and after a circuit I didn’t need any.

I quickly felt very comfortable with this plane, basic aerobatics are a joy to perform due to the neutral & “locked in” feel that the design gives complimented by the AR635. Knife edge is superb with no coupling required at all angles of attack. Although not designed for 3D it is capable of basic 3D, in part due to the AS3X. Harriers are very stable and controllable and hovering & torque rolls are very stable. The new BL50 motor coupled with elfites 60amp ESC’s give a really linear feel to the throttle and in the 3D this makes a lot of difference.

Overall I think this design and the innovations it contains make the Splendor a great choice for F3A or other aerobatic disciplines (iMac and freestyle) if a pilot wants a convenient everyday aircraft to improve their standard for both competition or at the club.

Pictures are below.














Thanks to Horizon Hobby UK for allowing me to test this new aircraft.


Eflite UMX MiG 15 DF

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May 042012

I received a new UMX MiG-15 DF from Eflite. This is the latest AS3X model from Eflite, it is also their first Ducted Fan Ultra Micro Aircraft.

It runs on a 2s 200mah 25c Lipo and is supplied as a BnF. Performance is great for this little aircraft and it feels steady and stable in the air. It comes with wheels fitted (along with a steerable nose leg), but these can easily be removed to reduce the drag.

I’ll upload some flying shots soon, here are some static images.