Eflite Carbon Z Cub SS

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Jan 062015

Eflite’s Carbon Cub SS is a replica of the modern full scale Carbon Cub. The Carbon Cub updates the original Piper Cub, using some modern construction methods and material to enhance this popular and timeless design.

Eflite took this template, incorporated some of their own design techniques and coupled this with Spektrum’s AS3X system to great a truly unique cub.

It’s powered by a BL50 eflite motor on 6s Lipo, with a wide range of capacity from 2900 -5000mah. This power means towing is ideal and 4.2m sailplanes have been towed successfully.

Well proven by horizon flight team throughout 2014, I had a need for a tow plane and was interested in the versatility the Cub offers.

The build was really straight forward, my dad took this on board and with a few hours he had it ready for the air. Here are some pics;




















The test flight took place on a dull Saturday with a moderate breeze. The preflights checks completed and a freshly charged 6s 2900 Lipo fitted the cub was positioned on the somewhat muddy strip. Within a few feet of a run it leapt into the air and was quickly on its way. As with most Eflite aircraft the test flight was a none event, a few circuits not a great deal of trim was required.

Quickly I was comfortable so began exploring was this big foam model could do.

I’ll let the pictures so the talking. I had 4 flights and loved everyone! I just need to complete a sailplane now so I can tow it up!









IMAC World Championships 2014

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Aug 262014

This year I was selected to fly for Team UK in the IMAC World Champs to be held in Muncie, Indiana USA. This year has been spent preparing for the championships and everything has been geared around this huge event. The competition webpage is www.imacworlds.com

My dad and I will fly out later this week and meet up with Horizon Hobbies’ Mike McConville who is very kindly letting me borrow his Prototype Hangar 9 3.1m Sukhoi 26mm. It is fitted with a DA170 on RE3’s, JR servos and guided by the trusty Spektrum DX18. We spend a few days dialling into Mike’s plane and then make our way to Muncie early next week to tie up with the rest of Team UK. A big thanks to Mike for giving me the opportunity to fly the very first 3.1m Sukhoi built to his design, which later became the hugely popular Hangar 9 ARTF, no pressure!

We have been fortunate enough to practise most of the year with our own Sukhoi which Horizon Hobby UK have allowed me to fly for them over the last few seasons, so a big thanks to John and the UK team for this. It shouldn’t take us too long to dial into Mike’s model as our setup’s are more or less identical.


I would like to thank all my sponsor’s for their help this year, it really wouldn’t be possible without them.

Horizon Hobby UK

Desert Aircraft


Carden Aircraft


Powerbox Systems

Detect Security Systems

Model Fixings


I plan to do a daily blog update on this site, it’s a good way for me to document our adventure and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.



Jul 272014


IMAC Clitheroe is held each year during the last weekend in July. This year it was our first trip over to the Mainland for a comp and is our last chance to compete before the World Champs in early September.

We set sail on the Belfast to Cairnryan ferry on Friday evening and travelled south for 200 or so miles to the flying site just outside the town of Clitheroe. When we arrived at 11pm, everyone had retreated to their Caravans or tents so we for bedded down for the night ourselves.


Saturday morning dawned with clear blue skies and a very light breeze. Perfect conditions for a days competition. With a few competitors having last minute technical problems with their aircraft we had 10 pilots in total, a little down on normal but last minute problems can’t be avoided. 2 basic class pilots, 1 sportsman, 1 intermediate, 2 advanced & 4 unlimited.

After a short pilots brief we got underway about 10am with the plan to fly 2 double knowns, a unknown, a single known and then freestyle for those that wanted to compete in that class.

Basic was first up, unfortunately one of the new comers had some bad luck on takeoff and clipped the fence at the end or the runway, it’s caught many pilots out over the years, hopefully it won’t dent his enthusiasm for IMAC. With the prefect conditions everyone flew well and our biggest problem was keeping the suncream from running into our eyes and finding a suitable place to get some shade! Not that we are complaining, I’d happily take 28-deg each time I go to fly! Pete Mumford had an exciting first flight, his Edge 540 developed some elevator flutter, he throttled back right away but it took a few seconds for him to regain control, fortunately with the speed bleed off the elevator started to have some control, he smoothly brought the plane round and landed. The problem had been caused by the control horn departing from the elevator. Pete’s edge is a IMAC veteran, it must be 10years old, so it had just worked loose over many 1000’s of flights. It couldn’t be fixed at the field, is Dan kindly lent him his Carden PRO.

We completed two rounds before lunch break, after a short pause we went straight into the unknown and final known. The wind picked up a little for the unknown and everyone managed ok with it. On the unlimited unknown we had the tailslide to trip us up and it did, no one scored for it, I did slide for about a fuselage length but it fell to the left. It looks like IMAC’s sequence committee is pushing the Tailslide this season, so the worlds is bound to have at least 1! Practise required!


With the sequences over it was time for freestyle, Chris was first up and put it a nice flight, Dave was up second about 3/4’s of the way through his flight, his rudder closed loop gave way, he waggled his way around and needing to keep the speed up he came In fast, model dug in and tip over, minimal damage, a broken prop. I was third up, about a minute into my flight it was my turn for a mechanical problem, the aileron started to flutter, luckily i was able to throttle back, stop the flutter and land without any problem. On investigation it was the inboard starboard aileron servo that had stripped. I wasn’t too annoyed, the servos on the H9 Extra 300 had probably done a good 1200 hard flights and it’s not a bad wear rate for the servos. That was the competition flying over for the day, I got a chance to fly my fellow IMAC UK World Champs team mate Brian Horn’s H9 Extra 300, he wanted a second opinion on his setup, I can report it’s spot on, I really enjoyed my flight and Brian has done a great job getting it just right, he will do well with this at the World’s next month!

The club had kindly laid on a BBQ for us and we all enjoyed the Craic, food and flew some smaller electric models. I had the new Parkzone Super Cub and Sukhoi with me, flown on the new DX6, everyone was impressed with how they flew and for an IMAC crowd the Cub was the most popular model, we may see someone at future IMAC comps! It’s a cracking little aircraft it has to be said and the more I flew the Suk I’m enjoying it more and more! The rain came in about 10am so everyone called it a night and headed to bed after a long day in the sun!



After a night of heavy rain, Sunday was a little more grey and there was noticeably more wind. It was more IMAC UK competition like! The club spoiled us again with breakfast and we got flying with full stomachs at 10am. The forecast was for showers up to and rain after lunchtime so Phil the CD had planned on getting 2 double knowns in before that. With a few flash showers we did manage it and by 1.45pm we had 4 flights in the bag. Phil suggested we call it a day as the rain was coming and a lot of people had a long journey. By 2pm Win had the results ready and the prize giving took place.
You can see the results below;



I was very happy to take first place in unlimited and the overall “Woodvale” Trophy. For me it was a warm up comp for the Worlds and I’ve seen a few things and chatting to Chief Judge Phil have a few things to work on for the big comp. So a very worthwhile weekend!


Thanks to all who organised the comp, Phil & Mike our judges, Win for score keeping and to Andrew & his wife for looking after us all throughout the weekend, food, tea you name it we had it!

Clitheroe is one of my favourite comps, it always has been and still is a worthy successor to the Woodvale Comp, relaxed, a great site and always good to meet up with friends. Looking forward to next year already!

Thanks also to all my sponsors for their continued support! Some pics below.





20140728-173935-63575321.jpg 20140728-173935-63575130.jpg  20140728-173934-63574934.jpg 20140728-173934-63574750.jpg 20140728-173934-63574564.jpg 20140728-173933-63573047.jpg 20140728-173934-63574190.jpg 20140728-173934-63574000.jpg 20140728-173934-63574375.jpg 20140728-173933-63573642.jpg 20140728-173932-63572841.jpg 20140728-173933-63573250.jpg 20140728-173931-63571677.jpg  20140728-173933-63573822.jpg 20140728-173932-63572246.jpg  20140728-173932-63572638.jpg 20140728-173932-63572046.jpg 20140728-173931-63571494.jpg 20140728-173931-63571859.jpg


Hangar 9 Inverza 62

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Jul 132014

The Inverza 62 is the third scale model to come from Horizon Hobby which replicants Kevin Kimball’s concept design that we know as the Inverza. Eflite first produced the Inverza 280 mini sized, which proved hugely popular, then came the Inverza 33, this was a 33cc version or 10cell electric and finally we have the Inverza 62 for 60cc or 12cell electric.

We have fitted this Inverza with a DA50, ES composite pipe, spektrum A6260 Hv servos, spektrum 9 ch receiver, single 2s 2000 lipo and Optiguard for redundancy. Evolution have a new 62efi engine due for release very soon, so we will fit that once it’s available.

The inverza comes in 3 boxes and is double boxed for extra safety

The inverza comes in 3 boxes and is double boxed for extra safety

Once the shipping protection boxes are removed, the three internal boxes are identified with the inverza picture

Once the shipping protection boxes are removed, the three internal boxes are identified with the inverza picture

The contents of the 3 boxes, a very complete kit as you can see.

The contents of the 3 boxes, a very complete kit as you can see.

Spats are pre-drilled & captive nuts fitted, they bolt straight to U/C

Spats are pre-drilled & captive nuts fitted, they bolt straight to U/C

DA50 fitted, the block standoff's come with the kit. The header has a 25mm drop.

DA50 fitted, the block standoff’s come with the kit. The header has a 25mm drop.


The former had to be trimmed slightly to suit the pipe exit, we reinforced it above.

The former had to be trimmed slightly to suit the pipe exit, we reinforced it above.

The ES pipe is narrower in Diameter than an RE2 for example, so a slightly adjustment to preinstalled pipe support is required.

The ES pipe is narrower in Diameter than an RE2 for example, so a slightly adjustment to preinstalled pipe support is required.

Pipe fitted in Fuselage

Pipe fitted in Fuselage

Cowl Mounts attached

Cowl Mounts attached

Supplied Tank fitted & plumbed. The throttle servo we used in a Spektrum A6110 HV servo.

Supplied Tank fitted & plumbed. The throttle servo we used in a Spektrum A6110 HV servo.

DA50 ignition fiited, we used a Spektrum Regulator & 2s Lipo to power the ignition.

DA50 ignition fiited, we used a Spektrum Regulator & 2s Lipo to power the ignition.

underside view of DA50 and ES pipe, we elected to use a Jubliee clip between header/pipe.

underside view of DA50 and ES pipe, we elected to use a Jubliee clip between header/pipe.

The new Spektrum A6260 HV servo. The are super smooth and the metal case is very nice, will reduce that backlash you can get with plastic cases.

The new Spektrum A6260 HV servo. The are super smooth and the metal case is very nice, will reduce that backlash you can get with plastic cases.

The new Spektrum Servo connector, it makes installed very simple and this is a heavier duty option than the standard connection type.

The new Spektrum Servo connector, it makes installed very simple and this is a heavier duty option than the standard connection type.

Underside of Wing

Underside of Wing

Servo tray & horn pre-drilled and installed.

Servo tray & horn pre-drilled and installed.






Test Flight

The test flight took place on a breezy evening at the flying field. After a quick pre-flight range test all was as expected and the new DA50 fired up with ease, about 10 flicks to get fuel into the carb, it fired, choke off a few flips and it was running. The ES pipe seems to be very quiet and the DA was running very smoothly.

Into the air the Inverza went, with a few clicks of trim it was soon flying straight and level, a quick CofG test and the Inverza CofG felt pretty good. We had placed the RX battery as far forward as we could, being conscious that the DA50 is a light engine, this proved about perfect. I tried a few basic aerobatic manoeuvres, point rolls were very nice, sharp and axial, snaps as seemed to be very positive and the exit sharp, it will make for a very nice IMAC aircraft I can feel that in the short flight I had. I was very conscious that the DA50 was new and not to push things too hard, I tired a few longer uplines and the piped 50 had ample power for most IMAC sequences, the airframe is light and there isn’t much drag, so it carries speed well even with a snap thrown in on the upline. I tried some very gently 3D, not wanting to load the engine, it feels very locked in, responsive & comfortable in 3D.

There is a lot of potential in this airframe, you can really appreciate that this aircraft has been designed from the ground up to be a good as it can be and the Quique Somenzini & Kevin Kimbal partnership has produced a beautifully balanced aircraft in precision & 3D.

I’m looking forward to flying it some more and fitting the new Evolution EFI 62 when it becomes available.

Thanks to Horizon Hobby UK for the opportunity to test. Here are some pics;













Parkzone Sukhoi 29

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Jun 252014

Parkzone have just realised a new Mike McConville Design Sukhoi 29. This is the first fully aerobatic 3 D model to feature SAFE texhnology, the Spektrum system that self levels an aircraft from any attitude when altitude allows.

It has a number of modes, that will benefit novices in world of 3D and keep the more experience guys happy. I’m looking forward to flying very soon.




Midlands MFC Fly-in June 2014

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Jun 192014

The Midlands Model Flying Club kindly invited My dad & I down to their Annual ‘Big Fly-in held at their club site near Kilcormac Co. Offlay. My dad, my wife Lisa and I headed off early with a van fully of models ready for a great days flying. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the club and quickly got unloaded and ready for a few flights. The fly-in itself was a 3 day event and a lot of flyers had elected to make a weekend of it and camped on site. There was a great array of aeroplanes and heli’s on show and the sky was never empty, it was common to see 3 & 4 aeroplanes up at once as everyone made the most of the near perfect flying condition. The flying site is set in the middle of re-claimed bog land and there isn’t a house in sight, an ideal place for a flying club. The club have great facilities with a large lean-to providing shelter on the wetter days.


I had brought to fly the Hangar 9 35% Extra 300 powered by DA120, the 43% Carden Extra 300 powered by DA200 and the 42% Carden Extra 300 PRO powered by 16kw Predator Motor on Optipower 7s Lipo’s. The H9 extra is one of my all time favourite models, it performs precision and 3D flight equally well and I always enjoy throwing it about. The DA200 powered Carden is getting on in years, 5 years old now, but it’s still one of the most competitive IMAC airframes on the market. It has served me well over the years and continues to. The smoothness of the excellent DA200 has really kept this airframe fresh and my dad’s meticulous maintenance routine has kept this combination at the top of it’s field. Our newest aircraft is the Electric powered 42% Carden PRO, fitted with a 16kw Plettenberg Predator 37/6 Evo, JETi spin 300 ESC and new Optipower 50c 7s 5300mah Lipo’s, wired as a 14 cell 15900mah pack, give this airframe stunning performance. We are still very much learning this new aeroplane and with the latest 50c lipo’s from Optipower have limited the power to 70% of what this motor is capable of, we still have enough power to fly any IMAC sequence, our quest now is to work on timings to increase our efficiency and see if we can improve on our 10min flight time. I also flew the Blade 350 Qx and had the Go Pro onboard, the quad performed perfectly but the operator needs some work, I had selected the wrong mode on the Go Pro so only got a shot of me switching the camera on, aerial photography at it’s best. J


Lisa and my Dad were on the camera at various stages and got some really nice shots between them, my Dad’s new Canon D70 is working well. You can see some of the shot’s below.


I must thank all the members of the club, they really made us feel welcome, food & drink vouchers and really keen modellers very interested in all our models and in particular the new big electric. I found these 2 youtube clips online, so I can’t take credit for them. We had a great day and will definitely be heading back next time.

My H9 Extra 300

YouTube Preview Image

Onboard from a Quad (one with the video on this time!)

YouTube Preview Image






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Hobbyzone Delta Ray

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Jul 262013

With the new SAFE system proving itself to be a superb performer hobby zone have announced a new product which utilities this technology.

The all new Delta Ray, is modern take on a trainer. The Delta Ray is as the name suggests a delta aircraft with twin motors. You might think that’s not an ideal trainer, well actually for several reason it is! The twin motors rotate in separate directions thus cancelling out torque effect, this creates a stable aircraft at all throttle positions. The delta wing has a lot of area and with the tips swipe up the stability and stall characterises are great improved.

Add to these design factors the new SAFE system and the learning curve for new modellers is less steep, will reduce your financial risk and give you a more enjoyable experience! It looks great too!


With SAFE™ technology and carefully engineered aerodynamics, the groundbreaking HobbyZone® Delta Ray™ aircraft provide pilots with a flying experience that is gentle and worry-free, even for total beginners! Plus, everything you need comes in one box, including a Spektrum™ DX4e transmitter, making it the ultimate beginner-friendly aircraft.

Key Features

Intuitive SAFE™ technology provides four modes to give new pilots the ultimate progressive learning experience
If you lose control of the airplane, “Panic Mode” returns the aircraft to stable, level flight with the push of a button!
Beginner and Intermediate modes provide support for new pilots by limiting the roll and pitch of the airplane, keeping you in control at all times!
Experienced Mode allows pilots who have mastered the basics to explore the incredible performance of the Delta Ray aircraft supported by the revolutionary AS3X gyro stabilization system
Everything you need to teach yourself to fly in one box, even the “AA” batteries for the transmitter!
Full 4-channel control gives new pilots a comprehensive learning experience with all the same controls as full-size airplanes!
The included full-Range Spektrum™ DX4e 2.4GHz DSMX® transmitter can be used with a variety of other Spektrum-equipped products. Visit Spektrum.com for more information.
Impact-resistant, durable Z-Foam™ construction is extraodinarily tough. But in case of damage, you can make repairs with almost any glue and be back in the air in minutes!

Needed to Complete

Nothing! Everything you need to get in the air is included.

If you wish to charge the included battery from an AC power source, you will need the optional power supply (HBZ1004).


Product Specifications

Wingspan: 34.0 in (863mm)
Overall Length: 31.8 in (807mm)
Wing Area: 384 sq. in. (2480 sq. cm.)
Flying Weight: 17.6 oz (500 g)
Motor Size: (2) 180-size brushed motors (installed)
Radio: DX4e 4-channel DSMX transmitter (included)
Servos: (2) SV80 servos (installed)
CG (center of gravity): 14.4 in (365mm) from the rear of airplane at fuselage center line
Prop Size: 5 x 3
Recommended Battery: 7.4V 2S 1300mAh 20C Li-Po (included)
Approx. Flying Duration: 8 minutes
Charger: 2-cell DC balancing Li-Po charger (included)
Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
Experience Level: No Experience Necessary
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Is Assembly Required: Yes






IMAC UK Rhyl July 2013

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Jul 172013

The middle of July saw IMAC return to north Wales. The Rhyl club have hosted a comp at their site for several years now and my dad and I have been attending on and off since 2006.

The weather of late has been superb and the forecast was for more or the same.

My dad and I arrived on Friday for a practise day and made the most of the quiet field. A few of the guys arrived in early afternoon and the conditions were perfect.

Saturday morning brought more perfect weather and the competition started at about 10am. There were 14pilots, 4 in sportsman, 1 in intermediate, 5 in advanced and 4 in unlimited.

Unlimited started first with a double known, the standard was very high and this showed, some nice flying in the ideal competition conditions. Pete Mumford had some engines trouble on his Hangar 9 Sukhoi and dead sticked on the first round. Dan Workman kindly lent him his Carden for the rest of the comp.

Advanced followed with 5 in that class, it was close competition in this competitive class with the standard improving all the time. After a long lay off Darren & Matt Dorgan returned to IMAC and flew really well.

Brian was the Lone Ranger in intermediate class flying his hangar 9 Sukhoi.

Sportsman’s 4 pilots battled it out, with good flying, two visitors from the Republic of Ireland flew in this class, Brian & Graham, I think we will see more of these guys in the future.

On Saturday Sportsman and Unlimited has their unknowns, Sunday saw intermediate and advanced fly theirs.

From the Unlimited perspective, the unknown was a nice sequence, it flowed well and wasn’t as technical as it could have been which gave us chance to make the schedule present as best as we could.

At the end of Saturday, 3 pilots took part in freestyle, myself, Darren and Matt. The conditions were perfect for freestyling, Matt’s routine was really clean and precise, very impressive.

Sunday was just as perfect a day, with a slight breeze up the strip. The standard was high in unlimited, there was nothing to choose between Dan, Angus & myself. The standard has stepped up his year and its great to see and compete in this class.

The rest of the classes completed their unknowns on Sunday and we all flew 4 sequences that day, so 8 in total for the weekend, 7 knowns & 1 unknown.

Freestyle finished the weekend, Matt started with another great routine, I was up next with my Yak. I got a little too low in an inverted flat spin and just ran out of height. Very fortunately there was little damage and it will be easily repaired.

With the scores calculated by Win it was time for the presentation. The results are below,


1) Allan Griffiths
2) Barry White
3) Graham Dwyer
4) Brian Horn


1) Brian Horn


1) Matt Dorgan
2) Mal Green
3) Phil Hoyle
4) Darren Dorgan
5) Dave Lucas


1) Matthew Poots
2) Dan Workman
3) Angus Balfour
4) Pete Mumford


1) Matt Dorgan
2) Darren Dorgan
3) Matthew Poots

I was delighted to take the win in unlimited and well done to Matt on his win advanced and freestyle, well deserved.

You can check the full results here

Here are some pictures that Brian Colclough kindly took.

















Jun 142013

600 X Pro Series Kit

The newest and largest blade helicopter is now in the popular 600 class. The new 600x shares a lot of it components and frame with the 550x but utilizes, larger blades, boom and motor. The supplied Eflite 700 motor, it’s designed to run on 2 6s 3200mah, unusual for a 600 class heli. The logic is to higher the voltage, lower the amperage to achieve the same and more power, whilst keeping components running cooler and more efficiently!

As you can see from below video, it certainly is a strong performer!

YouTube Preview Image

1 2

Key Features • Direct-to-swash, flybarless head design • Symmetrical carbon fiber main frames • CNC-machined aluminum head block and blade grips • CNC-machined aluminum swashplate • Revolution 600mm carbon fiber main blades • Revolution 95mm tail blades • Triple ball bearing-supported, 10mm solid steel main shaft • Integrated bearing block servo mount design • Torque-tube driven tail with aluminum tail boom and case • Dual-point tail pitch slider and balanced tail grips • E-flite® Heli 700, 500Kv brushless outrunner motor


If you feel like what you’re flying is keeping you from realizing your full potential as a 3D master, shatter those limits with the explosive power and performance of the Blade 600 X. It shares the same frame and rotor head with the Blade 550 X, but adds the extra punch of an E-flite® Heli 700, 500Kv brushless motor. This abundance of power, along with the set of Revolution® 600mm carbon fiber blades that are included, will allow you to confidently explore the extremes of 3D flight with performance to spare.

Includes: 1 x Revolution® Flybarless 600mm carbon fiber main blade set 1 x Revolution 95mm carbon fiber tail blade set 1 x E-flite® heli 700, 500Kv brushless outrunner motor 1 x E-flite 10A BEC 1 x Sleek pre-painted fiberglass canopy

Product Specifications

Type: 600-class collective-pitch electric flybarless helicopter Main Rotor Diameter: 52.8 in (1342mm) Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.0 in (254mm) Gross Weight: 8.35-8.80 lb (3.8-4.0 kg) Length: 46.1 in (1170mm) Main Gear Ratio: 8.88:1 Motor Size: Helicopter 700-class, 500 Kv brushless outrunner Kit/ARF/RTF: Kit Control System: 120-degree CCPM Rotor Blade Length: 600mm Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years Experience Level: Professional Recommended Environment: Outdoor Assembly Time: 7-9 Hours Is Assembly Required: Yes

E-flite Power 360 Outrunner

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Jun 142013

Power 360 Brushless Outrunner Motor, 180Kv

The largest motor E-flite have ever produced with 6000 watts of power this is more than capable of powering an aircraft that normally uses a 50-60cc petrol engine. With design input from Quique Somenzini this is sure to perform very well in 3D and aerobatics aircraft. Large cooling fins in both front and rear of motor can, optimize cooling and is a new feature to E-flite motors. The prop hub is also very robust and much like a petrol engine with multiple bolts.



Key Features • Ideal for giant-scale airplanes requiring up to 6000 watts of input power • High-torque alternative to inrunner brushless motors • Designed in collaboration with World Aerobatic Champion Quique Somenzini • Equivalent to a 50cc–60cc gas engine • For high-power airplanes weighing 15 to 25 pounds (6.8 to 11.0 kilograms) • External rotor design for better cooling • Includes 4-bolt propeller mount, 12mm prop shaft center-tapped with 10–32 threads • High-quality construction with ball bearings and hardened 10mm steel shaft • Includes X-mount and 6.5mm gold bullet connectors • Slotted 14-pole outrunner design • Requires 160A–200A HV brushless ESC


Peace of mind is priceless and modelers who value it most choose E-flite® brushless motors. Just ask anyone who’s flown with them. E-flite brushless motors consistently provide the kind of power and reliability that transform a modeling experience—no matter what you’re flying. Whether you’re a sport modeler or scale master, E-flite has the brushless power system to truly realize your plane’s full potential.

The E-flite Power 360 brushless electric motor is designed to deliver clean and quiet power equivalent to or surpassing the power of a 360-size 2-stroke glow engine for sport and scale airplanes weighing 15 to 40 pounds (6.8 to 11.0 kg), 3D airplanes up to 25 pounds (8.28 kg), or models requiring up to 6000 watts of power.

Product Specifications

Type: Brushless Outrunner Size: Power 360 Wire Gauge: 13 AWG # of Turns/Windings: 8mm bullet Recommended Prop Range: 24 x 10 to 25 x 12 Voltage: 44.4V RPM/Volt (Kv): 180Kv Resistance (Ri): 0.0019O Idle Current (Io): 6.1A @ 40.0V Continuous Current: 130A Maximum Burst Current: 150A Cells: 12S LiPo Speed Control: 160A+ Brushless Weight: 44 oz (1240 g) Overall Diameter: 3.45 in (90mm) Shaft Diameter: 0.39 in (10mm) Shaft Length: 1.25 in (32mm) Overall Length: 5.15 in (130mm)