IMAC UK Rhyl July 2013

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Jul 172013

The middle of July saw IMAC return to north Wales. The Rhyl club have hosted a comp at their site for several years now and my dad and I have been attending on and off since 2006.

The weather of late has been superb and the forecast was for more or the same.

My dad and I arrived on Friday for a practise day and made the most of the quiet field. A few of the guys arrived in early afternoon and the conditions were perfect.

Saturday morning brought more perfect weather and the competition started at about 10am. There were 14pilots, 4 in sportsman, 1 in intermediate, 5 in advanced and 4 in unlimited.

Unlimited started first with a double known, the standard was very high and this showed, some nice flying in the ideal competition conditions. Pete Mumford had some engines trouble on his Hangar 9 Sukhoi and dead sticked on the first round. Dan Workman kindly lent him his Carden for the rest of the comp.

Advanced followed with 5 in that class, it was close competition in this competitive class with the standard improving all the time. After a long lay off Darren & Matt Dorgan returned to IMAC and flew really well.

Brian was the Lone Ranger in intermediate class flying his hangar 9 Sukhoi.

Sportsman’s 4 pilots battled it out, with good flying, two visitors from the Republic of Ireland flew in this class, Brian & Graham, I think we will see more of these guys in the future.

On Saturday Sportsman and Unlimited has their unknowns, Sunday saw intermediate and advanced fly theirs.

From the Unlimited perspective, the unknown was a nice sequence, it flowed well and wasn’t as technical as it could have been which gave us chance to make the schedule present as best as we could.

At the end of Saturday, 3 pilots took part in freestyle, myself, Darren and Matt. The conditions were perfect for freestyling, Matt’s routine was really clean and precise, very impressive.

Sunday was just as perfect a day, with a slight breeze up the strip. The standard was high in unlimited, there was nothing to choose between Dan, Angus & myself. The standard has stepped up his year and its great to see and compete in this class.

The rest of the classes completed their unknowns on Sunday and we all flew 4 sequences that day, so 8 in total for the weekend, 7 knowns & 1 unknown.

Freestyle finished the weekend, Matt started with another great routine, I was up next with my Yak. I got a little too low in an inverted flat spin and just ran out of height. Very fortunately there was little damage and it will be easily repaired.

With the scores calculated by Win it was time for the presentation. The results are below,


1) Allan Griffiths
2) Barry White
3) Graham Dwyer
4) Brian Horn


1) Brian Horn


1) Matt Dorgan
2) Mal Green
3) Phil Hoyle
4) Darren Dorgan
5) Dave Lucas


1) Matthew Poots
2) Dan Workman
3) Angus Balfour
4) Pete Mumford


1) Matt Dorgan
2) Darren Dorgan
3) Matthew Poots

I was delighted to take the win in unlimited and well done to Matt on his win advanced and freestyle, well deserved.

You can check the full results here

Here are some pictures that Brian Colclough kindly took.