Hangar 9 3.1m Sukhoi SU26-MM

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Jun 082011

Sukhoi This is Hangar 9’s largest model to date at 3.1m it is an unlimited IMAC/3D model which is based on Mike McConville’s hugely successful 85cc design.

Horizon Hobby UK have kindly supplied me the all new 3.1m Sukhoi for review and to use at IMAC comps. I will be doing a built report and flying. I’ll update it as I go along so keep checking back. Continue reading »

Test Flight of H9 Sukhoi 26

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Feb 142009

Saturday 14th February brought for us the test flight of our new Hanger 9 Sukhoi 26MM. It was a very good day for a test flight, a little cold and a slight breeze but that woud keep the engine cooler at least.

Horizon Hobby UK delivered this model to us at the Leeds F3P event last December, it had been a display model that John Norris flew last year at the shows, it was also flown by the designer himself a certain Mr Mike McConville, so it has a good history. John didn’t get much flying with it last season, I was on the lookout for a new freestyle model for 2009 and Horizon always update their display fleet each season so the Sukhoi was my choice.

The plane was flown using JR8711 servos so no need to change these out, here is a brief specification of the equipment we used.

Servo’s : 6 X JR8711’s (2 ele, 2 ail, 1 rudder, 2 x Spektrum DS821 (1 throttle, 1 choke)
 Engine  Evolution 80cc with KS 1090 tuned pipe
 Prop  Mejzlk 27X10TH
 Receiver  AR9100 dual input Spektrum RX with 4 satellite aerials using onboard data logger for flight analysis
 Batteries  2 x Enolite 3200 mAh 2 cell for Rx/Servo’s & 1 X FP1500 2 cell for ignition
 Smoke system  MT Smoke system

We modified the model very slightly to facilitate the installation of a full length tuned pipe as it is made canister ready, which is a more normal setup that using a full length pipe. I have never had a tuned pipe so it was something I wanted to try. Horizon received the new Evolution 80cc late last year and wanted me to try it out in the Sukhoi, Mike McConville had ran his on a pipe in the States and was very happy with his results, it showed some promise.

I have attached some pictures of the model’s internal setup to give you an idea of the relativily simple modifications. We installed the smoke system from the start even though we won’t use it for a few weeks until the engine is run in, the reason for this is to setup the model with all that will be used for a freestyle round, the tank is on the CofG so apart from the extra weight of the smoke fluid it won’t effect the balance a great deal.

The tuned pipe exit, we had to cut a former to let the pipe exit, hence the additional formwork in this area

A midway support for the pipe, this luckily worked out near to an existing former.

Due to the pipe we decided to mount the batteries/rx high up and away from the source of heat. This also was required to get the CofG correct.

A view on the pipe looking toward the engine, it also shows the tank tray and smoke pump

Manifold, this was soldered up by my Dad, as its a new engine there is no manifold available yet, so a bit of custom work was required.

The Manfold again, you can see the flange plate which bolts to the engine, my dad had to mill this himself from a piece of Stainless.

Pipe exit, notice the deflector plate to stop any oil getting back up into the fuselage, this will be more of an issue when we start using the smoke pump.

A mid way cutout, to allow some of the pipe heat out, this is a part of the Hanger9 kit and we thought it was a good idea to keep it open

The Flying

After usual preflight checks, including a quick test run of the engine and a range check, everything checked out 100% so it was time to go for it.

Out on the strip I throttled up and the Sukhoi was quickly in the air, after some routine clicks of trim the plane felt comfortable in the air. Not wanting to go too hard on the model, I did a few gentle aero’s, initial impressions were good, snaps were crisp and rolls axial. We need to set the model up correctly and that will take a good 20-30 flights, this is the case with all models to fine tune them to perfection or as close as it can be to perfection, but for a first flight it was very positive. I flipped the rates switch to try some 3D, again not wanting to push a new engine I didn’t go mad, it sunk into the harrier really nicely, before I knew it I was down low popping it up into the hover. It was so stable in the harrier and in the prop hang it gives you a lot of confidence. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

A colourful Scheme

After my flight, I’m very excited about this model, its a cracker and is one of the best planes I have flown, it just feels good on the sticks. The Future looks good with this model.