Wings & Wheels 2012

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Jul 032012

At the end of June my dad & I attended Wings & Wheels Model Spectacular for the third year. We were kindly invited by Horizon Hobby UK to fly in their trade slots throughout the show.

We travelled over on the Thursday night Belfast to Birkenhead Ferry getting us onto the mainland early Friday morning. Making our way across to Harlow Essex the weather was wet, but on arrival at Horizon’s UK hub it was a nice albeit windy day. We spent a few hours chatting to and catching up with everyone in Horizon and getting a sneak peak at some new products coming soon.

In the afternoon John Norris was heading to North Weald Airfield were Wings & wheels is held to setup the Horizon Static Display Marquee and erect the racking & build the planes for the weekend’s show, my dad & I went along to help, joined by Azza Stephens another Team Horizon member. In a very strong wind we began to erect the large marquee, after quickly establishing the marquee was more of a kite in the 30mph wind, we abandoned it and decided to try again early in the morning as the forecast was calmer winds.

A 6am start on Saturday morning had the tent quickly up with many hands & less wind making it a quick job. The show began at 10am. I was in the opening slot and flew my new Hangar9 Sukhoi with a 7kw Plettenberg motor up front. It performed effortlessly in the wind and is an impressive aircraft with equally impressive electrics.

Horizon Display

I then flew with the rest of the Horizon Team in their slots, with the Scimitar & the new Habu 2. Later that after noon, Azza Stephens, Ali Machinchy & myself fly 3 Hangar 9 35% Extra 300’s in a demo together, it was very impressive to see those models being flown close together & low, made for some good pictures, I certainly enjoyed this demo.

We finished the day with another Horizon slot, I flew the Katana 50e & a Stryker.

After a quick pack up we headed back to the hotel to meet John Norris, George Land, Darren & Michelle Goule & their girls for some dinner. This was a good night a chance to relax & catch up on things.Sunday morning wasn’t just as early a start, but it did bring a stronger wind & unfortunately a wet North Weald, well at least the ground was. There had been some very heavy rain all night and the site was very wet, but the show went on, despite the mud!! With the strong wind being fully crosswind, less people flew than on Saturday, the schedule was a little bit mixed up. On the upside I was able to fly in the opening slot again with the electric Sukhoi and get a full solo slot with the Extra 300, nice to have some space without the fear of flying into other pilot’s airspace.

Extra 300

Our Horizon slots with the Scimitar & Habu 2’s went down well again and in the afternoon Adam Birmingham, myself & young James Lambert flying in only his second show, flew some really nice close formation with the Eflite Hurricane & Habu 2 again, all credit to James he kept it tight and flew like he had a few years of show’s under his belt, all in a very stiff crosswind, his dad Perry better watch out James will be flying rings round him very soon.

New Habu 2


Our third Wings & wheels was another very enjoyable and relaxing weekend. A massive change from competition’s, little or no pressure just good fun. Other notable flights at the show, were Ali Machinchy with various jets, super fast and accurate flying as always. A 87% Pitts Python (yes that big) & a 60% Edge, both powered by 500cc plus engine, massive models that have a big presence in the air, a little limited aerobatically by their power to weight but impressive in scale none the less.

Al’s Glider


Thanks to Horizon for the invite & hospitality all weekend.